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On the 20'th anniversary of 9/11 Group 2 recognizes Jason M. Dahl, Captain, United Airlines Flight 93

September 11, 2021

Captain Jason M. DahlOn this 20th anniversary of the worse terrorist attack on American soil, San Francisco Bay Group 2 recognizes one of their own: Jason M. Dahl, Captain, United Airlines Flight 93 (N591UA) 2 Nov 1957 - 11 Sep 2001.

Captain Dahl's love of flying started at an early in life.  At age 13, Captain Dahl joined John J. Montgomery Memorial Cadet Squadron 36, now based at Reid-Hillview Airport in his native San Jose, California.  Three years later Captain Dahl flew his first solo thanks to an aviation scholarship, fueling aircraft, and the odd flying gig.

On 11 Sep 2001, Captain Dahl, who was also a standards captain for United Airlines was in command of United Airlines Flight 93 (N591UA) when hijackers stormed the cockpit.  Flight 93 crashed in a Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania field after a struggle between the hijackers, the passengers, and crew.  All 44 people on board the aircraft were killed in the crash.  While the hijackers' intended target is unknown, the 9/11 Commission Report cites the actions of the passengers and crew in preventing the destruction of the White House or US Capitol Building.

In honor of Captain Dahl's memory, Hillsdale Elementary School in San Jose was renamed Captain Jason M. Dahl Elementary School.  Captain Dahl and his sisters attended Hillsdale Elementary.  1st Lt Richard West's son attended Dahl Elementary for TK and Kindergarten.  

Lt. West is the current commander of San Jose Senior Squadron 80 which is also based at Reid-Hillview Airport.

Major Matthew Herbert is currently the commander of John J. Montgomery Memorial Cadet Squadron 36 at Reid-Hillview and is a pilot for United Airlines.

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